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Sailing daily from Holyhead Marina, Isle of Anglesey, North Wales
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  The Anglesey coastline is littered with different types of sea bed; ranging from rocks & reefs, sand banks, mud flats and shingled areas, all this together with quickly accessible inshore wrecks (there are over 200 around the Anglesey coast), general angling opportunities around our coast are phenomenal.

Our fishing grounds include some of the most prolific in north Wales: - Holyhead bay, Holyhead deeps, Trearddur bay, Victoria bank,  Caernarfon bay and the Irish sea. 


Tide & Times

A good days general fishing can be achieved on tides ranging from 27' to 33'.

Fishing can be hectic all year round in Holyhead, however April through to November are the most productive of times.

The winter months see plenty of action inshore from whiting, dabs and dogs, with some nice pollack, coalies and codling on the reefs.

Despite the varying species of fish, general tackle requirements are fairly similar. Below please find basic recommendations for a good days fishing:-

Rods & Reels  

Downtiding or uptiding will see a variety of species caught. Down tide rods should range in the 12lb to 20lb range and uptiders generally the 4 - 8oz bracket.

Heavier Uptiders are sometimes used when seeking out the very big tope. Reels can range in size and type, from both fixed spool to multiplier - here it has to be what you are comfortable with, no point changing reel and not enjoying your day afloat.

There are a host of different makes and models to choose from however with reels sized similar to the Shimano Calcutta, Daiwa's sl30sh or the Abu 7000 sized reels you can't go far wrong. Mainline in the 20 - 25lb range either mono or braid.

Rig Choice, Weights & Bait

For the smaller species of fish such as dabs, whiting, flounder, gurnards etc good quality scratch rigs, such as 1 up 2 down - hooks from 4 to 1/0 will seek out the fish with ease. another great option is baited feathers - hokkis or shrimp rigs catch all manner of species.

For the slightly larger fish like huss and rays we recommend 1 or 2 hook down rigs, sizes from 3/0 to 6/0 tied to 40lb - 80lb nylon.

With various states of tide and varying tide sizes, it is hard to recommend exact weight requirements. However a good selection of weights from 2oz up to 1lb are the norm. E.G. ball weights, torpedoes and grippers etc. 

Naturally all manner of baits can be used when out charter boat fishing. A good day afloat can be had using mackerel, ragworm, black lug, squid, crab and Sandeel etc.

Bait for your trip can be ordered direct from the boat - Bait Supply

The My Way species list for 2012 totals 45: -

Main fish list - angler fish, black bream, bull huss, codling, coalfish, dogfish, dab, conger, flounder, grey gurnard, red gurnard, tub gurnard, streaked gurnard, herring, ling, mackerel, plaice, pollack, pouting, blonde ray, thornback ray, spotted ray, 3 bearded rockling, lesser sand eel, greater sandeel, scad, ss sea scorpion, common smoothhound, starry smoothhound, spurdog, tadpole fish, turbot, tope, ballan wrasse, cuckoo wrasse, whiting

Mini Specie - tompot blenny, dragonet, rock goby, leopard spotted goby, shore rocking, ls sea scorpion, corkwing wrasse, goldsinny wrasse, rock cook wrasse



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Sailing daily from Holyhead Marina, Anglesey, north Wales, LL65 1YA

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